PAErsche presents itself together with wonderful guests and cordially invites

08.11.2016 at 19.30 in the Orangerie – Theater im Volksgarten, Cologne

Free radicals will be a princible, which is alike the saying "thinking is throwing the dice".
Free radicals ensure that every performance has to be a 'singularity'. This excludes repetition and improvisation.
Free radicals is not subject to any kind of rhythmics.
Free radicals is not new, it radicalizes the encounter into the raw, it stripped of any 'coincidence'.
Free radicals differs quantity and quality through stringent targeted 'invitations' of the following artists:

Nathalie Mba Bikoro (GA/D)
Youssef Ouchra (MA)
Tomasz Szrama (PL/FI)
Maurice Blok (NL/FI)
Marta Bosowska (PL)

After the solos there will be an - Open Source Groupperformance - together with the guests and PAErsche