MÉLANGE is humbled to invite Marie Munk for her first solo show in Germany. Her exhibition titled ’A Nice Day for a Run’ invites the visitor and leave those dark days behind and take a stroll in the greenery. A sunny day in the park, while soft lullabies hum along would be perfect to escape the daily grind. But what Marie Munk has created, is a synthetic simulation that inevitably seeks to outpace the moment of possible leisure into a tool of self-discipline and drill.
Wallpaper of sunny skies and fake grass harbour a series of new animated sculptures by Munk. Her sculptural work is based around an ambiguous aesthetic resembling newly born creatures, looking and feeling like real organic material. Animated by massage engines – some of which are for actual usage – they perform rhythmic, if not joyful movements. At the same time a sport instructor soundtrack is pounding to an insisting beat and each sculptural creature desperately seems to keep up with the demands blowing out of the speakers. Toying with the human desire to live forever the sculptures represent our threatening human inability to keep up with the exponential development of technology.