„The truth is, makeup is most acceptable when it’s in hiding, when it succeeds at obscuring all the work that went into it“. (Daphné B.)

The pursuit of beauty is a work in progress. It is a constant performance of routines and rituals that are part of our everyday lives. Beauty work is often invisible, time-consuming and costly. These efforts are as compelling as they are conflicting, blurring the boundaries between pleasure and pain, empowerment and obligation. The advent of beauty filters and digital enhancements has led to the creation of unattainable perceptions and beliefs about beauty. As the visibility of authentic skin and bodies is diminishing, these technologies are reshaping our sense of self, resulting in increasing self-surveillance.

The exhibition examines the forensic gaze, challenging the microscopic scrutiny we apply to our own appearance. It is an exploration of the concept of skin, selfcare, beauty products and practices.