In the exhibition "Subconscious", Nora Hansen deals with the question of how narratives and stories contribute to the formation of people's identities.

"Subconscious" chooses the unfinished work and the fragment as a formal device to create artworks that are only complete in connection with the conscious and subconscious of the viewer.
In a site-specific installation "Subconscious" invites the viewer to fill in the gaps, add to the fragment and bring in their own story.
Collages and other automatic and semi-automatic design techniques condense into graphics, sculptures and textile works. Their decoding poses questions and at the same time stimulates cognitive processes through the narrative form, in which blanks are completed, patterns recognised and systematics decoded. Like a mirror, the process triggered by the contemplation of the image invites us to encounter our own unconscious or subconscious visual worlds and narratives.