In the autumn of 2011, as part of the redevelopment of a park in Nippes at the corner of Florastraße and Kuenstraße, new benches and waste bins were installed, and a small patch of the park bordering the path was covered in tarmac. The art project “10qm” was born out of questions around the meaning and sense behind it: “It’s about how you walk through the city as an artist in your day-to-day life. And this area with the small park, the kiosk, the houses and this absurd patch of asphalt is a wonderful place to put those questions out there. Parks are for public use. We play with our children here, go jogging here, take our dogs for a walk here. It seems logical to deal in a free and easy way with a few square metres of asphalt: We make art here!” (Stefanie Klingemann)
So far, artistic contributions have been realised by: DREIHAUSFRAUEN, Christian Hasucha, Marie Heiderich, Uschi Huber, Maik and Dirk Löbbert, Christiane Rasch, Norbert Radermacher, Johanna Reich, REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT and Johannes Wohnseifer among others.