Lena Anouk Philipp intertwines various elements such as figures, everyday objects, flora, and fauna within her visual compositions. What sets her work apart is the addition of a metaphysical dimension that transcends the observable and familiar characteristics of these elements. Through transformations and mutations, the figures assume surreal qualities and multiple identities, merging with the depicted objects to form peculiar and distinctive personalities. Surrounded by a lush vegetation, Philipp's creations evoke an atmosphere that goes beyond our tangible, collectively recognized reality, presenting an unreal or superreal ambiance.

The fusion of the tangible and the mystical realms takes on a unique painterly form in Philipp's artistry. Vibrant and luminous colors harmonize with transparent structures and intricate detailing. Fabric and paper elements break through the traditional confines of the surface, expanding the boundaries of the paper format. An enormous, larger-than-life figure, assembled from painted pieces, disrupts the two-dimensionality of the paintings, extending them into the physical space they inhabit. This artistic approach draws inspiration from Philipp's recent project: Small-format sculptures crafted from paper and cardboard, were sent as mail art to fellow artists during the lockdowns prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the larger format, this sculpture asserts its presence as tangible counterpart for the audience while simultaneously acting as mediator, connecting viewers with the beings and worlds depicted in the exhibited pictorial spaces.