SAVE THE DATE! AIC ON 2017: October 06/07
The week-end festival AIC ON is an annual joint event of Cologne-based art initiatives.

Art Initiatives Cologne (AIC) is a newly founded network of independent, non-commercial art and project spaces, art initiatives and festivals in Cologne. Subscribe to our newsletter (further down on the website) and receive regular information about the joint activities of the independent art scene in Cologne. Regarding opening dates in the different exhibition spaces, please check our website.

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Ausstellungsraum des Büro für Brauchbarkeit has shown contemporary and emergent art in the areas of installation, photography, interactive art, performance art and painting since 2013. The space is in Kalk on the east side of the Rhine and, with its two large shop windows, represents a direct interface to the residents in this multicultural district. A charming backyard bar and terrace offers visitors the chance to chat and spend an interesting evening in Kalk. [read more]

Moltkerei Werkstatt

Moltkerei Werkstatt was founded by Elisabeth Jappe as a workshop and presentation space for experimental artistic forms at the beginning of 1981. Since then, the priority has been on projects that connect various artistic media. Moltkerei Werkstatt is dedicated especially to the spheres of installation, sound performance and sound installation as well as the analysis of overarching media, e.g. video installations. A special emphasis is on making creative processes experienceable, by giving artists the opportunity to live and work in Moltkerei Werkstatt over a longer period, and thus to mature their projects in situ. This offers the public the chance to familiarise themselves with the artists’ thinking and working methods in presentations, open studio situations and discussions. The programme comprises a mixture of international renowned and young, still unknown artists. In this way a high artistic standard is ensured while start-up support is offered to young artists. [read more]