Tiefgarage Ebertplatz, founded in 2015, is dedicated to object art that operates free from commercial strategies and against the conservative canon of the art market dominant in many places. It offers a platform for visual artists who seek proximity to neighbouring disciplines such as sound art or performance, as well as for positions that deal with architecture, urban space and especially the Ebertplatz passage. For almost four years the City of Cologne has been discussing, as part of its urban redevelopment “master plan”, the possibility of levelling Ebertplatz and creating a Tiefgarage (underground garage) with a maximum of 222 parking spaces. In the meantime the square has established itself as an art location, with other spaces including Bruch & Dallas, Gold+Beton and LABOR. Tiefgarage plans to “park” 222 artists in the “garage” while the feasibility study is being carried out and exploit the potential of the space until the bulldozers roll in, probably in 2018.
Tiefgarage is a member of Brunnen e.V.