10am - 8pm
Ruffactory, Mareinstraße 73, 50825 Köln

"In performance art there is no time for creation and no time for production, but a single time in which the work is created and disappears as a work"
Bruno Péquignot

We are currently experiencing a changed perception of time, our days, weeks and months are becoming blurred, fuzzy. Even our view of the future seems strangely two-dimensionally folded, our perception of time has radically changed. The Meander project invites us to pause for a moment and to encounter diverse artistic positions.

How much time a performance needs and which spaces it reveals remains open. Both appear and vanish with the action. A special working method in which artists consciously place time at the centre of their work is the Long Durational Performance. Duration includes a perseverance that challenges in a special way. The intensity that arises is one of the greatest potentials of performance art.

Meander explores the question of how today, time beyond time, beyond spaces and beyond images can be experienced.The laboratory character of the event does not follow a fixed programme, but is rather an experimental process free of any bias. Within this ten-hour time frame, the performance artists John Court, Máiréad Delaney, Dolanbay, Alastair MacLennan and Joëlle Valterio develop their Long Durationial Performances. This openness allows a close look at the interactions between the different artistic positions and is designed in the overall situation as an interplay and individual action.