kuratiert von | curated by Ania Kołyszko

Eröffnung | Opening 15.11.2022 | 19–22 Uhr | 7–10 PM
Mit performativen Aktionen von | with performative actions by Antonina Nowacka

Ausstellung | Exhibition 16.11.2022–10.12.2022

Cordial invitation
This text is part of Dark Eros Orchestra - it has the same value as all other elements of the exhibition. Accordingly, it is as essential as all the others: like the chandelier-like subject hanging from the ceiling; the performer playing with us; the light inviting the moths; the electricity generated in an invisible place and banished into a battery like a genie in a bottle; the walls of the space someone once built; the air and the wind and the guests joining in to see, connect, and make it all vibrate sonically.We all have a part in it. And because of that, the text writes itself as much through me as it does through you and itself. You are reading me. I am a part of you. You activate me. I am in you. For me, you are generated through me. So it is also for you with me.

The artist Planeta follows a transmedia approach, which is composed of performative, installative, theatrical, acoustic, and other sensual elements. Her artistic practice is based on the assertion of a symbiotic connection between all things terrestrial and extraterrestrial. She intertwines this theory with practices of queer eroticism as well as shamanism. Planeta lives and works between Kyiv and Warsaw.

Antonina Nowacka is a composer and sound artist who uses her voice as an organic synthesizer. Incorporating various vocal modulation techniques, she creates both minimalist and imaginative soundscapes. She lives and works in Warsaw.
Ania Kołyszko is an independent curator, writer, and film producer. She lives and works in Düsseldorf.