Reveries for a Dimly-Lit Room
Residency: 22.06.19–20.07.19 //
Performance: 20.07.19 at SOMMERFEST
On Display: 21.07.-4.08.

Reveries for a Dimly-lit Room is an audiovisual performance exploring slow-evolving meditations, textural nuances, repetition and phasing and their psycho-physical effects and deep listening, deep seeing: perception of microscopic patterns emerging in sound and light.

all components – sound, light, text – have been developed for the performance and are intrinsically linked to create a space to get lost in, where past and future merge.

in preparation of the performance on 20.07.19, the gallery will be an instrument-building lab by day, an evolving display, home to auxiliary light-sound sessions by night.

instruments in progress
noise-ambience synth
asynchronous phasemaker