The simple things. The Essentials. Bare and mundane moments. One person sits exhausted, lost in thought, on a sofa, another one pulls their shirt over their head, bending their back, someone else is asleep on the subway. – In his photographs, Daniel Shaw (1985–2022) often shows everyday situations in which we are physically present without consciously perceiving them. Shaw manages to infuse these moments with dignity and vulnerability - and a depth which produces an unexpected connection, a fragile moment that often only arises when the connection threatens to slip again.

The solo exhibition by Daniel Shaw in GLASMOOG is initiated and organised in collaboration with a group of friends, in order to pay tribute to the artist one year after his death.

Daniel Michael Shaw, born in Milton Keynes/UK, studied Fine Art & Illustration at the School of Art & Design, Coventry University in England as well as Photography at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Shaw lived in Frankfurt am Main and Cologne.