INTER was developed between the cities of Salvador (BR) and Köln (DE) by João Milet Meirelles and Lia Cunha on the occasion of her artist residency at Quartier Am Hafen | sep-nov 2017.
Images and field recordings were collected by Lia Cunha and then processed by João Milet Meirelles to create the compositions.
The music zine launch will happen at a performative intervention at une promenade, exhibition by Christiane Rasch at Bruch & Dallas gallery.
Costume conceived as a sculptural intervention by Jessica Twitchell and Natalie Obert. Printed at ChaCha & Tantra by Andreas Trott. Published by Duna Editora.

Residency exchange Programme Supported by:
City of Cologne
Quartier am Hafen
Goethe Institut Salvador
Jari Ortwig

Local: Bruch & Dallas
Date: 03/11/17
Time: 9 pm
João Milet Meirelles
Lia Cunha
Jessica Twitchell