In the past year, Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann received the ART COLOGNE Award for NEW POSITIONS, made possible by Deutsche Telekom. In the exhibition linked with the prize, he now shows a new work in the artothek – Space for young art.

Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann had already explored film props in the previous year: mummies with greater or lesser signs of wear, which were reminiscent both of classic horror films and of the burial sites of early high cultures, were installed to form an ensemble in such a way that narrative components and networks of relationships arose, and that the negligent handling of the pseudo-corpses in a props warehouse became present.

For his "WE HAVE A T-REX" exhibition in the artothek, he this time once again pursues the ambivalence between appearance and reality. What is meant to appear as real as possible in the film can become disappointingly primitive on the surface, and yet evoke the imagination of familiar (key) scenes. The T-Rex refers to the film "Jurassic Park", which was the most successful film of all time for five years following its start in 1993. Its declared intention "to bring these grand creatures back to life with absolute credibility" was fulfilled both with the story, in which dinosaurs are bred for an adventure park, and in the film production itself, the ambition of which for the most lifelike animation was set very high, and even today still sets standards.