Josefine Reisch combines historical quotations with current issues in her works. At artothek - Raum für junge Kunst, she focuses on systems of art presentation and reception. How do we present and see art today? In which architectures? In which public or private spaces? What ideologies, motivations and filters dominate our consumption of culture?

Josefine Reisch cites three historical works in her exhibition "Viewing Room": Friedrich Kiesler's furniture designs for Peggy Guggenheim's gallery "Art of This Century" from 1942 are just as much the inspiration for Reisch's works as the presentation objects by Lina Bo Bardi, designed for the collection of the MASP São Paulo in 1968. In addition, Lothar Zitzmann's monumental painting "Weltjugendlied" (World Youth Song) from 1975, which was made especially for the Palace of the Republic in Berlin, finds its place in the network conceived by Reisch.

Adapted to the existing interior design of the artothek, Josefine Reisch developed a setting in which different modes of viewing art and experiencing the past and present are combined. The quotations from the middle of the last century stimulate the visitor's reflection on the present viewing habbits.