The Chargesheimer Scholarship for Media Art of the City of Cologne was awarded this year to the artist Donja Nasseri. On the occasion of this award, the exhibition "Durst" is presented at artothek - Raum für junge Kunst.

Donja Nasseri is an interdisciplinary artist. Her nuanced, sophisticated and exquisite narratives include photographs, sculptures, design, multi-layered sound collages and fragmented texts. Central to Donja Nasseri's work is an exploration of tradition and change, which she relates to both multicultural society and the artistic medium.

In the exhibition "Durst" (Thirst), she refers to a passage of text by Sylvia Plath, from the book Die Glasglocke (The Glass Bell) from 1963. To the metaphor of a fig tree, Donja Nasseri explores in photo collages the variety of possibilities that determine the path of life depending on the choices made. Each fig in the tree stands for a decision. In a video collage, Donja Nasseri takes a look at young people for whom the question of openness and malleability of their development is particularly relevant.