Patrick Rieves artwork includes drawings, objects, art installations, comics and artistic publications that deal with different topics such as reality and how to position the individual in this reality.
In the exhibition Der Käpt'n ist an Deck und übernimmt die volle Verantwortung the focus lies on his graphical artwork which will be presented in a self-constructed space. By entering this space the visitor will immerse in a world full of common, contemporary, personal, fragmentary and everyday items.

Important questions in life remain:
Who are we? How do we want to live? Where do we go from here? Who in fact is the captain – and of what?

Patrick Rieve was born in 1971 and studied Visual Communication at the HfbK Hamburg. He is producer, editor and collector of self-published Zines and Comics that are presented on a regular basis as St. Patrick's Zine Library. Patrick Rieve lives and works in Cologne.