Bombogenesis describes a fascinating meteorological phenomenon: within 24 hours, the air pressure drops by more than 24 hPa (millibars). This is the genesis of a cyclone, a hurricane that simply concentrates enormous differences in temperature according to geophysical principles, concentrating unimaginable energy and discharging it as a destructive force like a bomb on sea and land.

Johannes Specks unleashes artistic energy in the artothek – Raum für junge Kunst. He works less on the weather than on a bombogenesis of the human psyche: situations that whirl us up from 0 to 100 within the 24 hours of a day. A physical cyclone that sweeps our thoughts in a circular rhythmic swirl from the point trigger to the seemingly unsolvable dilemma and being tied to the infinity of the universe.

With unspectacular technology and interventions that maintain a simple, unpretentious craftsmanship, Johannes Specks stages business, living and exhibition spaces into intimate spaces of memories. They house echoes of the room’s history or play with the viewer's experience. As in a magic trick, what seems impossible becomes true. And like magic, the trick is amazingly simple.

The exhibition was awarded the 7th "Horizont Raum" prize by the friends of artothek Köln e.V.

Taking into account the Corona Protection Ordinance, the exhibition starts on July 1st, 2020 with extended opening hours from 4 to 9 p.m. The artist is present. We ask for compliance with the distance and hygiene rules (mask requirement). Due to the limited number of visitors in the exhibition space, there may be waiting times.
From 8 p.m., a video of the opening of the exhibition can be seen at

During the entire exhibition time, discussions take place in the exhibition every Friday from 5 to 6 p.m. The number of participants is limited. We ask for prior registration (