Camillo Grewe convinced the jury of the Friedrich-Vordemberge-Scholarship with his handling of materials, techniques and media within his work on classical questions of the visual arts.
Grewe shows a very independent visual world, with strong experimental and theatrical-narrative approaches, which he pursues in his interdisciplinary work (music).

In the artothek, sculptures with more or less pronounced figurative references will be on display. They set the core accents within an installation that pursues narrative approaches with opulent details and at the same time discusses factually abstract considerations about the role of sculpture and pedestal, picture and frame, figures in space. Simple materials such as papier-mâché, crocheted nets and coat hangers grow into objects that seem to be frozen in motion or have lost all energy. Large fabric figures are surprised in their exhaustion beyond the externally effective (self-)representation. The artist is present in a portrait only as a distant memory of his creative role and leaves his works to themselves.