In her film Afraid doesn’t exist (Es gibt keine Angst), Anna Zett processes experiences of fear and resistance in the GDR. Based on this, the exhibition project NEUES FORUM DER NERVEN was developed. It includes an immersive spatial installation and participatory formats that enable the audience to perceive their own physical and associative experience through discussion formats and improvisation.

Anna Zetts project NEUES FORUM DER NERVEN explores the emotional and sensory levels of self-organization in groups and societies. The New Forum was a grassroots democratic oppositional movement that actively shaped the revolutionary end of the GDR. Based on Anna Zett's research in the archive of the GDR opposition, from which her film Afraid doesn’t exist (Es gibt keine Angst) emerged, her work is dedicated to the embodied activation of (post-)socialist experiences that were cut off from the present. Continuing from this research, NEUES FORUM DER NERVEN opens up the physical space for current experiences of fear and control in a polarized political situation.

Fri 14 06 2024 | 6-8 pm
ADKDW Studio, Herwarthstraße 3, 50672 Cologne
Language: German and English
Free entry
Open to public participation
The room is step-free accessible