curated and presented by Alex Mello

An insight from research cinema that reflects on religiosity, motherhood, diversity and politics.

Direction: Uilton Oliveira
Duration: 13 min
Short film/documentary/performance

"Exploitation is the law, the strike is the crime". In the context of the strong working class strike and subsequent police repression in Brazil in the 1920s, the short film revives the figure of union leader Domingos Passos, based on reenactments as the Bolsonaro government has restricted access and use of the National Film Archive.

With the film MÃE SOLO
Direction: Camila de Moraes
Duration: 15 min
Short film/documentary/performance

Two women share their experiences and difficulties as single Black mothers. Despite the age difference, there are many similarities. The stories are a reminder that the responsibility for care work falls mostly on the shoulders of women and is characterized by the absence of paternal, family and governmental support.

Direction: Janaina Oliveira ReFem e Rodrigo Dutra
Duration: 14 min

The film presents Joãosinho da Goméa as the main narrator of his own story. With songs sung by him, provocative performances and various acts that show how important he was and is for African American religions. Queen Elizabeth II said that if Candomblé had a king, it would be Joãosinho da Goméa, the King of Candomblé.

Fri 01 12 | 7PM
ADKDW Studio, Herwarthsstraße 3, 50672 Cologne
Free entry

The film is being shown in the series INSIGHTS

More than half of the roughly 200 million Brazilians have African ancestors. Thanks to a quota system at universities and government funding in favor of Black people, a remarkably creative and innovative black film and art scene has emerged in Brazil since the turn of the millennium.
The idea of the film screening "Insights" was initiated under the idea of underlining the plurality of Brazilian black cinema and to make it visible. Based on the diversity of bodies, narratives and aesthetics, the films speak on touching and complex themes such as loneliness, affection, survival and resistance in the tension between memory and ancestrality. The program shows current and innovative films by black directors from Brazil.

In cooperation with the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum and the The Centre for International Cultural Education of the Goethe-Institut Bonn.
Supported by the Kunststiftung NRW.