Germany 2023, 31 min.
By and with ANNA ZETT
Compositon: MATTI GAJEK

In her film Afraid doesn't exist, artist Anna Zett draws on her own childhood experiences to explore acts of resistance in the GDR.

The artist Anna Zett focusses on historical memory as a physical process of association which is guided by feelings and is only ever partially accessible to our consciousness. Her current artistic research focuses on feelings of fear, as well as forms of its defense, control and articulation. How can we perceive, integrate and reconnect traces of past oppression in the present? In her film Es gibt keine Angst (Afraid doesn’t exist), which is shown at ADKDW Studio and framed by an expansive installation, she interweaves audio and video material from the archive of the GDR opposition with a stirring collage of underground music from the late GDR (composition: Matti Gajek). Having been a child at the time, Anna Zett associates with the archival footage to make sense of her own experience in retrospect. Without commentary, she creates new poetic approaches to systemic violence and self-determination, centered around the 2nd occupation of the Berlin Stasi headquarters in September 1990, a powerful historical event hardly known today.

Fri 24 05 2024 | 7 pm
ADKDW Studio, Herwarthstraße 3, 50672 Cologne
In German with English subtitles
Free entry
The room is step-free accessible