"Baby Maybe" is an experimental short that explores the personal and complex stories of women and their relationship to parenting across age and time. The filmmaker Labhkand Olfatmanesh captures the raw human emotion generated by the experiences of people interacting with 'real-life' dolls. With this, Olfatmanesh is finding a way to point the viewer towards love and self-realization.

Artist Statement: "Through my work I tell intensely personal and intermingled stories about my subjects myself and my relationship to identity, both in Iran and in the United States. This is a healing methodology expanding from the nature of constriction and expectation in order to mold it towards confrontational vulnerability where I can move beyond identity into larger themes within my practice."

Labkhand Olfatmanesh is a multidisciplinary artist examining topics of feminism, race and isolation. Her works explore how these forces take dual shape as an immigrant to the United States and in her home country of Iran. Her recent photo and video work has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in various locations in the U.K., France, USA and Brazil. Being part of the InViews-series is Olfatmanesh's first appearance to a German audience.