SAVE THE DATE! AIC ON 2017: October 06/07
The week-end festival AIC ON is an annual joint event of Cologne-based art initiatives.

Art Initiatives Cologne (AIC) is a newly founded network of independent, non-commercial art and project spaces, art initiatives and festivals in Cologne. Subscribe to our newsletter (further down on the website) and receive regular information about the joint activities of the independent art scene in Cologne. Regarding opening dates in the different exhibition spaces, please check our website.

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ELEKTRONENTOTO is a nomadic platform, which has developed sound-art and urban festival formats since 2009. [read more]

new talents – biennale cologne

new talents
new talents – biennale cologne is the platform for young graduates from the areas of art, film, composition, choreography and design. Every two years, over 50 artists from the region as well as national and international guests are presented in a two-week-long festival. new talents focuses on selected locations in the Agrippa cultural quarter at the Cologne Neumarkt: among them unusual exhibition-locations like shops, underground car parks, gardens or even offices, and also established cultural institutions in Cologne, Bonn and Düsseldorf. With exhibitions, screenings, performances and talks, new talents offers a platform to the artists and creatives to present themselves and their work to a wide audience. The fifth edition in May/ June 2016 was characterized by international exchange and altogether invited six visual artists from Marrakech, Havana and Shanghai to Cologne. Ten positions of fine arts from fith edition of the biennale were additionally invited to follow-up exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Recklinghausen (August to October 2016) as well as the Kunsthaus NRW in Aachen-Kornelimünster (spring 2017). [read more]