Thanks to our audience and all participating art initiatives for an exciting weekend AIC ON 2017 - See you again next year!
The current AIC-Index 2017/2018 with an overview map can be found in participating spaces and other locations. It is also available for download here. Enjoy discovering the big variety of Cologne's independent art scene.

Art Initiatives Cologne (AIC) is a newly founded network of independent, non-commercial art and project spaces, art initiatives and festivals in Cologne. Subscribe to our newsletter (further down on the website) and receive regular information about the joint activities of the independent art scene in Cologne. Regarding opening dates in the different exhibition spaces, please check our website.

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The project gallery LABOR, part of the Ebertplatz passage since 2005, is a pioneer in this inner-city location, which has developed into one of the main art locations in Cologne over recent years. The large shop windows offer glimpses of the respective exhibitions, even outside openings hours. LABOR was established as an exhibition space for contemporary art through the founding of a booster club at the beginning of 2013. Alongside classical exhibitions, LABOR also consciously opens itself to cross-genre formats and sees itself (and the Ebertplatz passage) as a stage for experiments. A fringe programme includes performances, readings and concerts. In addition, LABOR is regularly home to various festivals, for example the Internationale Photoszene, the architecture biennale plan and the Passagen Interior Design Week. [read more]


ACADEMYSPACE is the Academy of the Arts of the World’s gallery space. This “space between the arts” is a forum for exchange, which the Academy opens up for exhibitions, workshops and discussions during events such as PLURIVERSALE. [read more]