SAVE THE DATE! AIC ON 2017: October 06/07
The week-end festival AIC ON is an annual joint event of Cologne-based art initiatives.

Art Initiatives Cologne (AIC) is a newly founded network of independent, non-commercial art and project spaces, art initiatives and festivals in Cologne. Subscribe to our newsletter (further down on the website) and receive regular information about the joint activities of the independent art scene in Cologne. Regarding opening dates in the different exhibition spaces, please check our website.

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The art space FUHRWERKSWAAGE, founded in 1978 in the Cologne district of Sürth, is a non-commercial, private art hall, funded by a booster club. Its focus is on the presentation of work by emerging, unknown artists as well as positions of internationally established and well-known artists. Its particular emphasis is on (spatial) installations conceived especially for the Fuhrwerkswaage’s exhibition hall. FUHRWERKSWAAGE is also the headquarters for the realisation of exhibition projects in public and private space (e.g. Privatgrün 1994 and Privatgrün 2004) and is the initiator and organiser of new talents biennale cologne, the cross-genre festival for the promotion of recent graduates from the fields of art, film, design, composition and choreography ( [read more]


Bruch & Dallas is an exhibition space for contemporary art, which was founded as an independent project space by artists on Cologne’s Ebertplatz in 2009. Current, aspiring, critical and site-specific artistic positions are shown. Bruch & Dallas is run voluntarily and self-governed by four artists and an art historian. Bruch & Dallas discusses its programmatic line in the most varied of formats with a view to the local context and creates a vital and controversial place for the presentation and mediation of contemporary art with regular exhibitions, performances and actions. Bruch & Dallas is a non-commercial space, in which the medium of art becomes a reflexive focal point of current societal developments and can thus function as a catalyst for critical thinking. [read more]