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Open Call [application till 20.11.] – Research and Working Scholarships from the City of Cologne

Open Call [application till 20.11.] – Research and Working Scholarships  from the City of Cologne

For the second time, 15 research and working scholarships from the city of Cologne will be awarded to Cologne artists and curators.

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AIC Edition 2021

AIC Edition 2021

Zu AIC ON 2021 ist erstmalig eine eigene Künstler*inedition entstanden, gestaltet von Jan Hoeft, Mona Schulzek und Lucia Sotnikova.

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Upon entering the Lutherturm from Volksgartenstrasse, we enter, acoustically, visually and climatically, into an entirely new spatial situation, independent of all ecclesiastical, artistic or communicative use of the location: the road noises appear subdued and yet clearer, the light is focused and yet more intimate, the walls cool and yet more protective. Despite the fact that, in its dimensions, the space can be considered small and traversing it takes but a few seconds, the broad prospect of artistic opportunities becomes immediately apparent. After this, we already find ourselves in the atrium of the Lutherkirche which leads on upwards: five neatly stacked rectangular blocks, accessible via a narrow staircase, at its top end rewarding us with a view of a belfry fit for a cathedral. We feel that we have reached the top of the tower, but we have in fact only just conquered half of it. Onwards we go, visually, acoustically, and artistically. Were the expression of a diamond in the rough not so very worn out, it would be a fitting description of the tower, albeit only if it remained uncut. A state of robust architectural functionality in the context of which sound and art would be able to unfold its credibility choreographically. And in fact does this in a rather particular fashion: For here it is not subject to any ecclesiastical or political intervention; the boundaries set are merely due to physical and structural considerations, never those concerning form or content. From 2017 onwards, LTK4 will offer a new home to sound-based arts at the Cologne Lutherturm. [read more]


KUNSTHAUS KAT18 is an art space with studios, a project room and a gallery with a coffee bar. We promote artistic and cultural processes with the goal of improving the living conditions of the artists within the studio community in society. An integral part is exchange and collaboration with other artists and cultural institutions. Projects, exhibitions, audience discussions, readings and theatre performances take place regularly. KUNSTHAUS KAT18 is a GWK GmbH project. It emerged in 2014 from the creative workshop ALLERHAND, which was founded in 1993. [read more]