1. garden of eden: reconsidering the concept of the original sin

In this cathedral-like architecture, less than 2 kilometres from the Kölner Dom - house of God – I stage the parallelism perceived between the Christian dogma of a world originated from divine intervention and the scientific hypothesis of life on earth linked to the intricate and mysterious combination of water, carbon and solar energy.
At the entrance of the hall, hundreds of empty PET-bottles are suspended in a single helix suggesting a monumental DNA-chain, the genetic code of life. Yet the helix is not perfect. A number of locations flaws are obvious: mutations. The original sin, - the impossibility of mankind to perform according to the God-given moral standards -, is innate in our genetic inheritance.
AIC ON 2016:
„Der perfekte Mensch“, Führung und Künstlergespräch
Sonntag, 23.10.2016, 15 Uhr, *Bus (Abfahrt 15.30 Uhr)
Das neue kunstforum e.V. zeigt in seiner 400 qm großen Halle Rauminstallationen des belgischen Künstlers Mark Swysen. Der Künstler führt durch seine Ausstellung „Der perfekte Mensch" und ist offen für Fragen.