"Traktat eines Ensembles Un titanic, reprise" is an exhibition by Mateo Revillo and Edgar Sarin as part of a prologue calendar of the work "Un titanic, reprise". "Un titanic, reprise" is a major scale work presented in Paris as part of the 2018 Nuit Blanche. On October the 6th, a complete society of more than 300 men and women will invest the territory of the Île saint-Louis and will be organized throughout the night around a circuit of production of more than 3500 small confections of mud, salt crystals and straw.
As part of a research on the para-aesthetics of the effort, Traktat eines Ensembles Un titanic, reprise will present a set of works realized during a residence of 58 hours in Cologne, signed as the sketch of the complete body of a ruined landscape.

Mateo Revillo is a painter born in Madrid in 1995. Edgar Sarin is a French sculptor born in Marseille in 1989.

Curated by Gabrielle Tramond, a Parisian art historian, born 1991 and curator in residence at Strizzi.