InYoung Yeo is an independent artist, curator and director based in Seoul. Her work expands from artistic materialization of drawing, painting, installation works to curatorial projects with interdisciplinary approaches in topics of Gender, A.I. and Urbanization as her main area of research.

She lives at Büro für Brauchbarkeit and works at Strizzi from 28th of Mai to 27th of June 2019.

Opening: Friday, June 14, 7 pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, June 23, 6 pm
Exhibition from June 15 - July 5, 2019

"Happily Ever After" by InYoung Yeo, plays on the idea of how we consume technology as a disillusionment of satisfaction of our 'lust'. Based on Yeo’s past work 0 Inclination, an abstraction of a survey on how bodies are portrayed in binary roles of domination and submission in pornography, this exhibition further expands the complexity of subject and object relationship within and beyond bodies and technology. Going further in and out of the body to body, body to technology interactions, immersing into and at the same time removing oneself from, the reciprocal loop continues to surface within the strong desire of ‘lust’ in various forms.

InYoung Yeo is the director of the project space "Space One" ( in Seoul, Korea. During a residency at Strizzi in June 2019, InYoung Yeo developes her new work "Happily Ever After". Space One is a collaborative partner of Strizzi. The curatorial team of Strizzi will realize a project at Space One in September 2019.